CDC Investigates Limb Paralysis in Children After Enterovirus 68 Outbreak

      According to ABC news ”the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating whether limb weakness and paralysis in nine children could be connected to the far-reaching outbreak of the respiratory disease Enterovirus 68”. Nine children have already been affected with this virus and are fighting for their lives in Denver. ”Six of the eight children tested were found to be positive for a rhinovirus or enterovirus and four of those cases were found to be the Enterovirus 68”. The symptoms of the virus include coughing, fever and runny nose. The enterovirus 68 has been reported in at least 40 states and confirmed in at least 277 people according to the CDC. People with asthma are the more vulnerable to the disease and they are believing that there are more cases of it that haven’t been reveal to the public. One of the Children known of containing this disease may be the first victim but not the fist one. To make sure the disease don’t spread they recommend to wash our hands all the time as possible.  


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