17 year old won Novel Price Political cartoon

      Malala Yousafzai, is well known as the gutsy young girl from Imdia who stood up to the terror of Islamist extremist. She stated that they fear educated women. Malala reminds people that hatred of innocent Muslims is stupid and wrong. Most of the victims of those extremist slime have been people like her, people just trying to live their lives without war, get an education and practice their religion as they see fit. No one has as much courage as her and one day she will be bigger and show more people around the world the power of speaking out.

Friendly skies political cartoon

     In the United States and other parts of the world people are in high alert to the disease of Ebola. Apparently the mayoralty of the people who have been in contact with sick patients of  Ebola have no symptoms of the disease. There is no guarantee of what may happen so we have to take prudent precautions and not get so worry about it.  Authorities are taking precautions when accessing this country so that if anyone is effected get treated, which means until now we can be safe.

The 1st US Ebola Patient

     It has been found that there is in the present the first United States patient with the virus of Ebola in Dallas Texas. This could be the beginning of an outbreak and everyone is in danger. Authorities believe that there are at least 12 people that had contact with the patient. Everyone should be at high alert, and the government should do everything they can to stop an epidemic from occurring. The patient ”Thomas Eric Duncan initially was released from a Texas hospital despite telling a nurse he came from a stricken African country (ABC News)” before knowing he had Ebola. Until now more than 80 African had die from Ebola and now that it arrive to the United States could cause the same effect and many more people could die.


no one is ever satisfied Political cartoon

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     In the political cartoon by David Horsey president Obama said ” we’ve found a cure for cancer” and all other people instead of being happy they starting talking nonsense. As you can see the Fox news think that president Obama is hiding something. John Boehner, Lindsey Graham, John Maccain, Michele Bachman are using it as a excuse to try to do whatever they want at there first opportunity. This means that no matter what happen people are never satisfy.

The security blanket political cartoon

     In this political cartoon by Courtesy Charlotte refers to the second Amendment of the United States Constitution where the founding fathers gave the right to bear arms. When it was written the people needed more protection than what they had. If they could defend themselves, they could protect there families, properties and much more. Now in days is the same, however there is a lot of criticisms toward if its alright to keep letting people buy harms to protect there property. Everyone is in danger, with just a quick sign anyone old enough can obtain a weapon. Terrorist, people looking for vengeance etc, have an easy access to weapons. No one is safe until something is change!.

Area of Agreement

     This political cartoon is about political ideologies from the Republican and Democrat. On the left side there is the democratic President Obama and on the right is an elephant that represents the republicans. They are both saying “You first” to the other to cross the bridge that is broken and under is an area of agreement. This cartoon is trying to point out that republicans and democrats can never get to an area of agreement.

Syria Rebel Anger at Strikes

      The United States is having problems to counter anger among the Syrian opposition, where many believe that the ”air campaign against extremists in the country is only helping President Bashar Assad and that Washington is coordinating with Damascus, despite American insistence it backs the rebel cause” (ABC News). What is alarming Syrian opposition is that the past Air Strikes did not only cause the dead’s of ISIS members, but also members of the rebel group that has been fighting against ISIS to protect their territory. If this continue the rebel group will be the one fighting a war against the United States with their own weapons. (http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/us-struggles-blunt-syria-rebel-anger-strikes-25803457)

CDC Investigates Limb Paralysis in Children After Enterovirus 68 Outbreak

      According to ABC news ”the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating whether limb weakness and paralysis in nine children could be connected to the far-reaching outbreak of the respiratory disease Enterovirus 68”. Nine children have already been affected with this virus and are fighting for their lives in Denver. ”Six of the eight children tested were found to be positive for a rhinovirus or enterovirus and four of those cases were found to be the Enterovirus 68”. The symptoms of the virus include coughing, fever and runny nose. The enterovirus 68 has been reported in at least 40 states and confirmed in at least 277 people according to the CDC. People with asthma are the more vulnerable to the disease and they are believing that there are more cases of it that haven’t been reveal to the public. One of the Children known of containing this disease may be the first victim but not the fist one. To make sure the disease don’t spread they recommend to wash our hands all the time as possible.  

ISIS respond to Obama

      Islamic State responded in a video to US President Barack Obama’s promising to kill any American ground forces deployed. They have gained recruits since Obama’s declaration, according to observers in Syria. There respond in a 52-second clip, released late Tuesday as a preview for a longer video, according to ABC news uses ”quick edits and high-resolution images to depict besieged American soldiers in the field, President George W. Bush’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner drop on an aircraft carrier mere weeks after the US invaded Iraq in 2003, and the White House at night. The screen goes dark, and what appears to be a militant prepares to kill men on their knees. The words “Flames of War” appear, as does the phrase “Fighting has just begun.” The clip ends with the text, (Coming Soon).” How scary is to think about what they will do next, and if they are planing to attack America once again.

Budget political cartoon

     In this political cartoon, budget cutting is happening. There are two doctors, one is represented by a democratic sign and the other by a republican sign. The democratic doctor has a little cutting knife while the republican one has a much bigger weapon to cut with. This cartoon is trying to say that Between the two parties the republicans are trying to cut back more on anything they can. That is why the republican doctor has a bigger cutting tool.