Over six years of Republican war against Democrats is taking another turn and an opportunity for them to take the league. Every time Obama’s government try to do something good for the people not only American the Republican party was always trying to do something against it. Obama-care works which they always wanted to stop it and is popular with people who use it. The economy improved and immigration reform is dead because they did not approve it. This political cartoon is saying that now they are trying to blame the Democrats for Ebola. Lets try to see what happens with this year elections. The future of the people in America depends in who wins the senate power.


        The United States elections are near. As you can see in the political cartoon the United States citizen says “i don’t vote because it only encourages them!” . This means that hes choosing to not vote because he thinks that it will bring a change. While the Saudi Arabia citizen says “I don’t vote because i cant”. She is not able to vote because her country do not give any political power to them, which means that they suffer for not been able to change things around them. American citizen have the power to make a change in every election something other countries will love to do. So it is important to vote for what we believe is better.

Battles for United States Senate

       According to the latest news of Fox News about elections for the United States Senators “none of the front-runners in the states of Iowa, Kansas and North Carolina hits the 50 percent mark. That means that elections or races will continue and be decided by late voters, With this happening campaigns will be competing with all they got to get more support from votes. In those states Republicans have the advantage, because they do not like president Obama or the Democrats.

Scott Brown on Ebola

     New Hampshire Senate Candidate Scott Brown responded to news that a new case of Ebola has been diagnosed in New York City, calling for “common-sense prevention mechanism (CNN)”. He wants extra support of all American citizens to make a travel ban to blockade passengers from Ebola-infected African countries to enter the U.S. When he was responding they brought up that ”some strategy medical experts have said it would be counterproductive”. This is because they don’t want to create any panic.

New Ebola policy in N.J., N.Y.

      Due to the first Ebola case in New York City the states of New York and New Jersey started taking extra precaution. They impose “a mandatory 21-day quarantine on health care workers and other people returning from West Africa (CNN)”. This will cause terror between the people, because they may think more people are infected. This is something that will change everything in those states and maybe later on other states with Airport may follow there example.

Supreme Court: Texas Can Use Voter ID Law

      The Supreme Court declared that Texas can use its controversial new voter identification law for the November election. “A majority of the justices rejected an emergency request from the Justice Department and civil rights groups to prohibit the state from requiring voters to produce certain forms of photo identification in order to cast ballots (NBC)”. The law do not accept seven forms of approved ID in a list that includes concealed handgun licenses but not college student IDs, which are accepted in other states with similar measures. From 600,000 voters, many of them black or Latino, will not be able to vote because they lack acceptable identification which could led to the feeling of discrimination towards the voters without an acceptable ID.

Obama Says Ebola Travel Bans Could Make Things Worse

       President Barack Obama do not want America to keep thinking about banning travel from Countries where Ebola is a considerable problem. He believes restrictions could make everything worse. “Lawmakers this week urged Obama to bar people from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea from entering the United States (NBC)”. If this bans happen other countries will end up in public chaos. Only three cases have been diagnose in the U.S which leave with no reason to worry so much.


       In this political cartoon the United States congress has been split in the middle without the need of an Earthquake. This means that its hard in our times to get something done. To much partisanship is hurting congress, because neither Republicans or Democrats agree with each other. In this cartoon there is also Uncle Sam. He represents Americanism and its about to fall into the crack of Congress  representing how partisanship of Congress is making America lose its Americanism.


       This political cartoon’s has quote that says “I’m confident there is a middle ground here on which to base a compromise”. This represent how Obama thinks it’s possible to find a middle ground in Congress where the two parties are in equal terms. The Republicans are represented by a huge elephant who is bullying the skinny Obama by pulling his underwear. Obama needs to stand up against the Republicans, no matter how powerful they are.

Kurds struggle to defend besieged Syrian town from ISIS

       In mid-September  a battle for Kobani started. ISIS is looking forward expanding their territories and Kobani was one of the first ones they put their eyes on. For more than two weeks the United States have been supporting by  air striking militias from ISIS but is not helping much. How can ISIS kill just to kill, it does not make sense? and Why does the United States only helping by Air-Striking?. If the United States Air-Striking is not working they should do something else and not only them, but the rest of the world. A lot of people have died by ISIS and Kobani is an example of what could happen in many other places.